Gal La'Vant

When the going gets tough, the bard gets fucked.


The tanned, skinny blonde is usually messing around with her very odd-looking lute, but green eyes are always searching out secrets… and anything not nailed down that would fetch a decent price.

She has a love for stories of all kinds, having plenty she can tell and more she will not. Gathering these stories leads to a lot of her more risky behavior.

Loves: money
And all that entails (will update this later)


Still mysterious. It’s part of her aesthetic. She definitely doesn’t trust easily, but she’s more than a little bit of a people person. Gal often likes to be at the center of things… with the exception of combat. After all, somebody has to survive to tell the tale.

-Doesn’t drink much, and never to get more than a mild buzz, unless something is seriously wrong.
-Hoarder… actually loathe to spend her hard-earned gold. She is both the worst and best person to watch over party loot.
-Lives life in a moral grey area.
-Tends to be protective of kids.
-She “can’t stay” in this place because there’s something she needs to return to.
-Finds the weirdest things fucking hilarious (examples: awkwardness, other people flirting, T’homm being the leader)

Gal La'Vant

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