Valliki townspeople


Irwen Martikov – ownder of Blue Water Inn, asked us to find wine shipment (Scarlet Road to the west).

Father Lucian Petrovich – priest who lost him some holy bones.

Yeska – orphan who knows the location of the bones, told Mili.

Milivoj (Mili) – sold the info about the bones to Henrik von der Voort.

Henrik von der Voort – stole the bones to give to the vampires, who make him do it by a vampire named “Vasili von Holtz” (totally Strahd).

Burgomeister – he’s a fuckface who thinks that happiness is the key to getting out of there.

Isaak – Fuckface von Minion, he’s also obsessed with Ireena. He probs has a shrine to her like some weirdo. We gon kill his face off.

Lars – Gal saved his life like mad.

Blinsky – toy dude.

Rictavio – half-elf bard hanging out at the tavern.


Valliki townspeople

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